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Supplies & Media

Torrent offers an array of supplies and media for your testing projects

It is important to select the right media/containers for your project-specific methods and testing objectives. There are literally hundreds of methods spanning over EPA, SW 846, TO compendium, and ASTM.

If you need assistance, Torrent Laboratory’s dedicated and knowledgeable customer-centric staff can offer guidance for selecting the right methods and media. We can also suggest appropriate sampling logistics.


Torrent provides 6L and 1L canisters for soil vapor and ambient air analysis. If you are employing SIM (low-level analysis), we recommend 6L canisters so that we can offer you the lowest possible reporting limits. Torrent can provide SIM analysis with 1L canisters as well. If you are required SIM (lowest possible RLs) then we strongly recommend that you use the self certified canisters. Torrent provides both, self certified and batch certified canisters.

We recommend using canisters for your soil vapor and air monitoring projects, however, some time you may need to use air sampling bags either for convenience or non regulatory testing. Torrent offers Tedlar® Air Sampling Bags in a variety of sizes. If you are sampling for sulfur compounds, we recommend using either inert canister or regular Teflon-based bags or inert foil-based bags.

Torrent uses proprietary TO-17 thermal desorption tubes to suit your project-specific requirements. Torrent can also provide self-certified and batch-certified thermal desorption tubes.

Torrent stocks a wide array sorbent tubes. We offer XAD-2 tubes, Chromosorb sorbent tubes, silica gel sorbent tubes, charcoal sorbent tubes, and more. Torrent can also customize tubes for your project requirements. Our team can help you select the correct sorbent tubes for capturing inorganic acid, cyanide, heavy metals, hexavalent chromium and more.

If you are sampling soil for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Torrent can supply Encore and Terra Core soil sampling kits. These kits offer an easy and accurate means to collect, store and deliver soil samples.

Torrent rents high-volume and low-volume certified rate pumps to suit your project. Please contact Torrent’s project management team for further assistance.

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Our hazardous waste testing lab is proud to serve Northern California, Southern California, and the Bay Area, as well as Hawaii and the continental United States. If you’re in need of our services, please contact us today.

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