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Laboratory Services Agreement

All services provided by Torrent Laboratory (hereafter referred to as “laboratory”) are limited to the terms and conditions stated here; unless otherwise specified in a formal contract or provided in a written agreement.  

Confidentiality: The laboratory commits to providing strict confidentiality. If a subpoena for information is issued for the release of information to a regulatory agency or legal body, the laboratory will notify the client.

Warranty and Liability: The laboratory warrants that all of our work will be performed in accordance with professional standards and methodologies, and by the regulation of the California State Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program. In the event of error, omission, or some other professional negligence or any breach of this warranty, it will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of Torrent Laboratory to re-perform any deficient work at its own expense, and the laboratory shall have no other liability.

Contracts: Any and all contracts must be approved and signed by the laboratory before they can be accepted. 

Litigation: The client will be responsible for all of the laboratory’s costs associated with subpoenas for documentation and/or court testimony concerning the clients samples.  These costs include, but are not limited to, an attorney’s preparations of the testifier, advice from legal counsel, the hourly rates for persons who will respond to any subpoenas, travel and accommodations and mileage costs.

Analytical Service Requests: The laboratory reserves the right to refuse samples which in our sole judgement may pose a hazard when handling, processing, or transporting. All samples must be accompanied by acceptable paperwork or they will not be accepted. If the paperwork is unclear, the client will be contacted for clarification prior to the sample(s) getting analyzed. Samples with a sample receipt time of 1500 hours (3 PM PT) or later will be considered as next day’s business in terms of analytical response time. Any client changes in analytical services must be submitted in writing. If any changes are requested subsequent to work being completed, the client will be financially responsible for those services. The client will be notified on the chain-of-custody, if feasible, of any samples that will be subcontracted. All such work will be subcontracted to another California accredited lab. The laboratory will not be liable for subcontracted services. 

Shipping:  The client will be responsible for the proper packaging, labeling and shipping of all hazardous or suspected hazardous materials. 

Payment Terms: The laboratory requires advanced payment for all clients except those with pre-approved credit. For clients with approved credit, the terms are net 15 days. Delinquent accounts will be closed and balance will be due immediately and before any more analyses are reported. Interest payments of 1.5% per month will be payable on any amount not paid in 15 days. Any attorney’s fees or costs incurred in the collection of delinquent amounts will be paid by the client.

Billing: All fees are billed directly to the client. Third party billing will only be accepted if arrangements are made in advance with all parties present.

Fee Discounts: Fee discounts may be requested, in writing, on the basis of the number of samples submitted in one project, the scope and complexity of the project, and the scheduling situation expected upon arrival of the samples. These quotes may only be completed by the laboratory director and we will only honor quotes that are issued in writing.

Expedited Services: Standard turnaround times are 5 working days for coliform samples and 10 working days for most other work. Rush service is available through consultation prior to sample(s) arrival. Surcharges will be applied for rush analysis requests.

Expedited Services: Standard turnaround times are 5 working days for coliform samples and 10 working days for most other work. Expedited service is available by client consultation before the arrival of any sample. A surcharge will be applied for rush any analysis request.

Special Reporting Provisions: The laboratory provides one copy of the final report. Customized reports different from the laboratory’s normal format will require additional charges to compensate for the time spent in their production. Charges include, but are not limited to, client specific QA/QC formats, inclusion of bench sheets, reports on computer disks, additional copies, and electronic transmission of results.

Reproduction of Reports: No report will be reproduced, except as a complete reproduction, without prior written approval from the laboratory.

Retention of Reports: Reports will be placed in our archives for 10 years after results have been reported to the client. If the client requests additional copies of their reports within the 10 year time frame, an additional charge will be invoiced. After the 10 year retention period, all reports will be destroyed unless the laboratory has received written notification that the report is being used in litigation and must be retained.

Retention of Samples: The laboratory will routinely retain samples for a period of one month after sample receipt. If the client makes a request for samples be held longer, arrangements may be made, in writing, before the end of the one-month period. An additional charge may be applied to the project if an extended period of sample storage is requested.

Return of Samples: The laboratory may return any sample to the client at the expense of the client. The client may authorize the proper disposal of hazardous samples by the laboratory if the client pays for the disposal.

Right to Stop Work: Should the client fail to pay for services rendered within 15 days after the date of any invoice then, in addition to any other rights of remedies provided by law, the laboratory will suspend any further work for the client and retain any and all of its work not yet delivered to the client. Until the client’s account has been paid in full, the client shall have no right to use the laboratory’s work for any purpose.

The laboratory shall not be responsible for failure to perform service or for delays, pursuant to this agreement due to reasons beyond our control such as natural events, power failures, equipment failures, etc.

By relinquishing this work to Torrent Laboratory, I have reviewed the terms and conditions to be provided and agree with these terms and authorize Torrent Laboratory to provide these and other services requested.