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We put our experience, expertise and capabilities to work to deliver the best in technical consultation, laboratory testing, and analytical services. Our California State Certified lab continues to add relevant testing equipment and methodologies as our clients’ needs evolve, and we provide advanced services such as method development for unusual compound detection. We also specialize in testing and analysis for Industrial Hygiene.

Learn about some of our research projects.


Supporting an Alternative Energy Research Company.

To assess the possible by-products and/or contaminants created in alternative energy production, Torrent provided analyses and evaluated the raw materials involved in the energy production processes. This work yielded a better understanding of the chemical nature and impact of the client’s current processes, while reducing the scope and number of process variables the client had to monitor. This enabled the client to speed development and reduce production costs.


Helping a Waste Treatment Chemicals Manufacturer.

A nationally-known waste treatment chemicals manufacturing company asked Torrent to investigate possible inhibitors responsible for muting the effect of the company’s waste disposal treatment chemicals. After an in-depth technical consultation, we leveraged our core competencies in waste treatment processes to quickly develop the analytical investigation parameters necessary to identify potential reasons for the product failure. Two weeks after receiving the request, Torrent successfully confirmed the presence of the material that was responsible for the inhibition of the treatment chemicals. Our report identified the source of the problem and the reason for product failure, providing our client with a clear path to remediation.


Environmental testing: method development for CR6 in air cartridges.

Torrent received an urgent request for a method to analyze Hexavalent Chromium in air cartridges (OSHA ID-215). Although we did not currently have a method available, our team embraced the challenge, developed a reliable method, and put it into active use within 24 hours. Additionally, we found a supplier with the proper cartridges required for the sampling procedure and had them shipped to the client for next morning sampling. Meanwhile, our dedicated Inorganic team procured and formulated the necessary reagents and standards, and adjusted existing systems to meet method-specific column parameters, eluent, and calibrations requirements. This rush turnaround service delivered an air analysis method that resulted in modifications that were developed, tested, and qualified in time to receive the sampled cartridges and successfully execute the analysis.


Method Expansion.

A high-profile client asked Torrent to expand a compound list in order to accommodate a site requirement outside the normal scope of analyses. Our Semi-Volatile department researched extraction and analytical techniques, identified the best candidates, and purchased the appropriate standards and solvents. In minimal time, our team extracted, calibrated, and performed MDLs on the additional compounds. The result: an expanded compound list that satisfied the client’s needs while still meeting their expectation of TAT.



A client submitted a mystery substance to Torrent for identification and for a determination of how and why the substance was formed. Through a focused inquiry, the Torrent project manager ascertained critical facts that led to a hypothesis for both the identity of the material and the reasons behind its formation. The hypothesis was then tested and confirmed, solving the client’s immediate problem and offering an effective long-range solution to prevent it from recurring.