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Dioxins and Furans

Dioxins and Furans are chemically known as polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and dibenzofurans (PCDFs).  They are two of the most lethal families of chemicals known to scientists.  Their extreme toxicity is harmful to humans, animals and the environment making dioxins and furans testing, regulation and mitigation a grave concern for our planet.  Dioxins and furans do not occur naturally but are created by both human and natural processes.  They are capable of being transferred through water, air and soil and are present throughout the world-wide environment.  

How Dioxins and Furans are Harmful to Human Health

Besides their tremendous toxicity, dioxins and furans are also very stable compounds and therefore very long lasting, falling into a notorious category known as Persistent Organic Pollutants. Because of their persistence they have the bad habit of building up over time.  

Humans ingest about 90% of our dioxins and furans through contaminated food because these toxins collect in the fats and fatty byproducts of animals we eat.  Dioxins and furans health effects on humans are many and varied but include:

  • Issues with liver function 
  • Weakened immune system
  • Weakened endocrine system
  • The development of cancer
  • Problems with nervous system development 

To identify and mitigate concentrations of these chemicals we must continually test for them in our soils, waters, indoor air and use mitigation strategies to remove them from our environments.  

Torrent Laboratory’s Dioxins and Furans Testing

Dioxins and Furans are considered persistent pollutants. 2,3,7,8 TCDD is one of the most toxic substances on the planet. Dioxins and furans are not easy to remediate and can persist in the environment for a substantial length of time. As a result, there is a heightened focus on these substances for environmental site assessment and clean up. Dioxins and furans are also increasingly being included in the evaluation for real estate development and purchases.

Marine sediments and seafood products exposed to dioxin and furan streams can contain very high concentrations of PCDD/PCDF. Consequently, we’re seeing a significant increase in required monitoring of marine environments and seafood.

water testing - dioxins and furans

Torrent Lab offers a full list of dioxin and furan testing with the fastest turnaround time in North America.  Torrent Laboratory provides the most advanced capabilities in the region. Our full-service lab offers a host of advantages including: 

  • Highest certifications 
  • Fastest possible TAT in the industry
  • Unrivaled technical and customer support
  • Unparalleled on-time performance
  • Impeccable quality 
  • Competitive pricing 
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