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In addition to being the region’s one-and-done lab for all of your needs, we also provide resources for issues in the environmental testing sector. Read on for informational articles and links to key sites.

How to Test Soil: Simple Soil Tests to Judge the Health of Your Soil

How to Test Soil With agriculture and cultivation, soil quality is a deciding factor in the wellbeing of your plants and the quality of the produce they generate. Plants are only as healthy as the soil they are grown in. If the soil is rich in nutrients and organic material, then you will have healthy […]

The Growers Guide To Soil Testing

Whether you own acres of land or a simple flower bed, a wise gardener tests the quality of their soil before the growing season. A soil test measures the common elements found in soil. These elements include phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, manganese, copper and zinc. When done correctly, soil testing determines the exact […]

Reasons Why You Should Do Water Quality Testing

Does your drinking water have an odd taste to it? Are you prone to illness or digestive issues without any evident causes? Have you ever considered doing water quality testing? Water is a necessity for life, and as such that necessity needs to be protected. Water testing will uncover any harmful substances in your water […]

Harmful Microorganisms Can Ruin Your Water Quality If Ignored

Clean water isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. So much of life depends upon water that clean water should be of the highest priority, but drinking water that is one hundred percent pure is an impossible concept as water derives so much of its content from the contaminants and microbes that it comes into […]