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Experience & Case Studies

Torrent Laboratory has decades of experience assisting environmental firms and other clients with a wide array of testing and analysis for a variety of challenging projects. Torrent also has experience assisting clients in other industries.

Environmental Experience

Multi-Incremental Sample Preparation

Torrent Laboratory has been performing multi-incremental sub-sampling (MIS) standards since 2008. Our lab can process large quantities of samples and manage projects over extended periods. We ensure fast and dependable turn-around times—a boon to clients who may need additional analysis within a sample’s holding time.


Multi-Incremental Sample Prep and Testing for Pesticides and Metals

Torrent provided multi-incremental sample preparation for a project testing 1600 samples for pesticides. We received these samples over a six-week period on a standard 5-day TAT (Plus 2 days for drying and particle reduction). Bringing Torrent’s MIS experience and project management skills to bear, Torrent Laboratory performed beyond our client’s expectations. We not only delivered all data on time, but also provided multiple dilutions where necessary. Our timely analysis allowed the client a generous window to thoroughly review the data and request additional analysis within the required 14-day holding time for pesticides.

Air and Soil Testing and Monitoring

Currently, the State of California does not require testing laboratories to hold any type of air testing certification. However, In 2008 Torrent took the extra step to obtain NELAC certification and in 2014 obtain Department of Defense certificate (DoD) for air analysis over a broad spectrum of parameters. Clients have a greater level of confidence in our data, knowing it must meet the high level of scrutiny required by then NELAC and now DoD certifications.

Laboratories without these certifications do not have to demonstrate their expertise in air analyses, while Torrent must (on a bi-annual basis) in order to remain nationally certified.

We also clean and build all of the collection equipment in house. Since all collection equipment is under Torrent’s control, we can easily meet special requests from our clients for different flow rates or manifold configurations for the regulatory compliance. We can often fulfill these special requests in as little as one day.

Thanks to our advanced certifications and control over sample collection equipment, Torrent helps our clients meet complex sampling requirements and achieve regulatory compliance.

Ground Water Monitoring

Torrent can serve as a trusted and reliable partner for extended monitoring of groundwater.


Ground water monitoring – Soil Excavation Project

Torrent has served a decades-long ground water monitoring project. This project requires consistent, dependable data for hundreds of samples. These samples are held to strict hold times and require highly-sensitive analyses for nitrates, perchlorate, and explosive compounds such as TNT, RDX and nitroglycerine. It has been critical for the client to receive timely reports and confirmation of positive results. Our engagement in this project goes beyond simple delivery of analytical data. Our reports have noted weather events (and provided confirmation) that those events impacted data; this information proved to be invaluable to the client. While the engineering firms managing this site have changed over the years, Torrent has remained the laboratory of choice to provide continued monitoring and testing.

Rush TAT Projects

Torrent can provide quick turn-around times (TAT) for sample analysis that traditionally requires long preparation and analytical processing times.


Rush Turnaround Time for Dioxin Testing

One of our clients required rapid analysis for Dioxin/Furan for an extended project. The industry standard for Dioxin/Furan analysis is 15-21 days. Our lab used advanced extraction techniques to dramatically shorten the turn-around time. Over at six-month period, Torrent processed weekly deliveries of full list Dioxin/Furan waters in as little as three days, and no longer than ten days for each delivery group. Torrent provided the client with all requested analysis within a reasonable time frame, so the client was not left waiting for straggling data. The client met all of their deadlines with time to spare, a luxury they had not experienced prior to using Torrent.

Other Experience

Concept-To-Market Support

Torrent can also assist with non-environmental projects, such as developing consumer products for market.


Design Support and Analysis for a Consumer Product

Torrent provided testing and analysis for a concept-to-market project with a client developing a consumer product. The product needed to meet ANSI/NSF drinking water standards. Torrent provided assistance by testing raw materials, setting process parameters, and developing strategies to meet specific goals. Working closely with the client over a two-year period, Torrent’s special project team provided design support as well as the necessary analytical data that led to approval by consumer regulating authorities. The final product is now available through on-line storefronts as well as traditional retail establishments and has expanded into overseas markets.

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