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Custom Reporting

Level 2 Data Package

Torrent’s standard reports are provided as a Level II data package. Most commercial projects (involving re-development, development, remediation of contaminated sites, waste hauling, groundwater monitoring, affluent water monitoring, etc) require Level II data packages. This level of report assures data-related quality control.

Level 3 and 4 Data Package

Torrent can supply advanced reporting services in our Level III and Level IV data packages. Most Department of Defense (DoD) or similar projects require more robust reporting. Our Level III report provides comprehensive data and quality control reporting. Our Level IV report provides the same degree of data and quality control reporting as our Level III report, plus it includes all of the raw data (such as data processing forms, handwritten notes, email communication, etc).

Customized Reports

Torrent Lab can generate detailed, customized reports with the following attributes:

  • 20 Different EDD formats including California Geotracker to EQuIS.
  • EDD templates that can be modified or created from the ground up
  • Reporting in multiple units
  • Customized (non-standard) compounds lists
  • Chromatograms supporting report results
  • Digitally-signed electronic reports with hardcopies available upon request

A trusted archive for your reports.

Torrent archives your reports in secure files. Your reports are available whenever you need them. All reports have controlled document status. Torrent will not release reports to third parties without explicit customer approval.

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