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Soil Vapor Testing

Vapor Intrusion

Vapor intrusion (VI) is the migration of volatile chemical vapors from the subsurface into buildings. VI is a frequent problem at contaminated sites, and if uncontrolled, these chemical vapors can migrate into buildings and pose a risk to human health. Vapor migration in the subsurface, through building foundations, and within buildings is complex and influenced by many natural and human-caused factors.

Technical and regulatory publications have recently highlighted some of the challenges as well as the lessons learned from years of assessment of VI. Through the years state regulators and field practitioners have developed a range of methods to assess vapor migration and to predict if subsurface concentrations pose a risk to building occupants. This process has resulted in variable VI assessment from site to site.


Soil Vapor Testing

At Torrent, we offer two types of soil vapor intrusion sampling: regular and low-level reporting.

The regular TO-15 test method, which has reporting limits of around 0.5 ppbv, is sufficient for most soil vapor monitoring. For residential or commercial environmental screening levels (ESLs), we offer low-level reporting. We use the TO-15 SIM technique, a sensitive methodology that can report data at the 0.005 ppbv level, ideal for the most precise applications.

Ambient Air Testing

As air analysis has evolved, so have we. In addition to offering ambient air testing, we continually invest in new methods, technologies, and procedures to offer the most advanced testing available. We supply data for a range of air methods, including NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM, and EPA Air Compendium Methods (TO). Our unwavering commitment to quality is inspired by increasing environmental awareness and accountability, our clients’ needs, and our dedication to the continual advancement of testing and analysis.

Ambient Air Monitoring

For the most accurate results and for full remediation we offer ambient air monitoring services to give you full assurance and peace of mind.

Newest Technologies

We are always committed to working with you to provide you with the most innovative testing technologies available to us.  In this way we will continually offer the best results for your vapor intrusion assessment project. 

Torrent Laboratory provides the most advanced capabilities in the region. Our full-service lab offers a host of advantages including: 

  • Highest certifications 
  • Fastest possible TAT in the industry
  • Unrivaled technical and customer support
  • Unparalleled on-time performance
  • Impeccable quality 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Convenient geographic location

Trust Torrent as your premier environmental testing laboratory for California and Hawaii.

Bio-accessible Metallic Contamination Testing

Evaluation of sediment contamination by heavy metals has typically been based on bulk sediment analysis.  This tests the bio-availability of these contaminants in the soil and determines whether heavy metals are in concentrations that pose dangers to human health.  

However, the amount of contaminants that the human body can truly access may be dependent upon the physical and chemical properties of the contaminant(s) as well as of the soil.  Because bio-available concentrations of heavy metals are not equivalent to bio-accessible concentrations in the same sediment, determining the bioaccessibility of metal contaminants to the human body from site specific soils allows for a more refined estimation of risk assessment.   

Testing is done by in vitro bioaccessibility assay (IVBA) which measures the amount of metals that would be leached from ingested soil at the low pH of the stomach.  The “in vitro” method offers significant cost and time savings over the “in vivo” methods used for bioavailability tests. The IVBA has been demonstrated to be equally effective at determining bioavailability.  Therefore one test can offer you accurate results for both metallic bioavailability and human bioaccessibility.  Torrent has had success with all of the CAM17 metals that are analyzed by method EPA SW 6010 or 6020.

Low level testing of PAHs in soil

We offer 8270 and 8270 SIM testing for PAH (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons) in soil and water. The 8270 test method has reporting limits that are generally around 0.5 ppbv, which in most cases is sufficient for soil and water monitoring.

If your testing results must compare against Residential or Commercial environmental screening levels (ESLs), you may be required to test soil and water with a more sensitive method that can report the data at 0.005 ppbv level. Generally, we meet these low-level reporting limits by performing the test using the 8270 SIM technique.

Pesticide testing

Pesticides don’t just harm pests. They’re known to have a range of adverse health effects in humans. Torrent offers testing for organochlorine and organophosphorus(true?) pesticides and herbicides.

See our page on Dioxins and Furans for more information on those testing services.