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Vapor Intrusion

Torrent Laboratory offers regular and low-level reporting for soil vapor testing. Soil vapor intrusion testing is used to analyze and reduce the presence of volatile chemicals in soil. When there are volatile chemicals in subsurface soils, they can move into overlying buildings via vapor intrusion and could lead to indoor air contamination. These chemicals are potential health concerns, but vapor intrusion testing can determine if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Vapor testing is the first step to monitoring vapor intrusion and can be useful in both commercial and domestic environments.

Vapor Intrusion Testing Procedures

Vapor intrusion mitigation is achieved by first testing the environment to discover if volatile chemicals have entered various areas. Soil testing can be combined with air tests to test if chemicals are being released from the soil into the air or other parts of the environment. Ground contamination testing is often the first step to determine whether an issue is present. Torrent Laboratory has certifications at the highest level from several agencies, including the Department of Defense and CA ELAP for vapor intrusion testing and more.

Why Choose Torrent Lab for Vapor Intrusion Testing

Torrent Laboratory provides a variety of advantages not available from other vapor intrusion monitoring and testing labs. We only hire degreed scientists, with preference given to those who have experience in environmental testing. In addition to a team with decades of experience in the industry, we also offer a range of turnaround times. We can provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry to get your reports back to you as soon as possible if necessary.

Our Procedure

Our laboratory arranges vapor intrusion sampling to meet your needs. We can discuss your project-specific needs and make it easy to collect and send samples. For example, canisters are provided for soil vapor samples that are easy to use. The lab uses approved industry methods to test for toxic chemical vapors in samples, with two types of soil vapor testing available. The regular TO-15 test method can be used for most needs, but low-level testing is also available for residential vapor intrusion and commercial environmental screening levels, using the TO-15 SIM technique.

Vapor Intrusion Professionals in California

Torrent Laboratory offers services from vapor intrusion professionals in the Bay Area, Northern California, and Southern California. Our advanced testing services make it easy for clients across the state to take samples and send them to be tested. We ship the supplies required and can provide instructions for taking samples to send back to us or drop off if you are nearby.

Torrent Laboratory Testing Capabilities

Our advanced certifications and capabilities allow us to provide fast and accurate services. The advanced soil vapor testing offered by Torrent Laboratory includes both the regular TO-15 test method and the TO-15 SIM technique, providing customers with a choice for detecting volatile chemicals at different environmental levels.

Request a quote for a vapor intrusion assessment from Torrent Laboratory to find out about pricing and more.