General Questions

1How does Torrent define special projects?
A special project is defined by several criteria: the request for analysis of a non-environmental sample/material (normal water and/or soil), a project that requires customized analytical techniques to meet client-specific matrix and investigation criteria, a project including Torrent staff consultation on process and procedure, or a project with in-depth data review and report processing including but not limited to conclusions and recommendations by a subject expert.
2What kind of special project and/or R&D testing does Torrent offer?
Torrent can routinely perform the following Special Project functions.
  • Method Development
  • Product Investigation and/or Identification
  • Failure Investigation
  • Reverse & Forward Engineering
  • Contamination Testing
  • Development of Sampling Methodology and Strategy
  • Process Consulting
  • Raw Material Assay
3What is the cost of a Special Project?
Cost is dependent on project complexity including the analytical procedures being used and/or the fees associated with Torrent staff consultation.  For a cost estimate, contact Torrent Lab’s customer service department at and a qualified staff member will contact you within the same business day.
4What if I have a special project but I am located outside of California?
We work with many clients outside of California.  Torrent can provide consultation services via phone or Web conferencing and samples can be shipped to us via UPS, FedEx or any other overnight service.
5What types of matrices can you test?
We work with all kinds of matrices including air, water, soil, solvents, slurries, raw chemicals, pure product, plastics, solar panels, silicon wafers, polymers, bulk materials (metallic and non-metallic), wipes, foams and multi-phase aqueous samples.
6What type of turn-around time can I expect on a special project?
For projects that do not require extensive set up times, Torrent’s TAT is between 7 and 10 days.  However, shorter TATs are available upon request.  For projects requiring complex analytical procedures, the purchasing of special materials, or time restricted sample preparation, the TAT may be longer than 10 days. These instances are rare and would be discussed with you prior to the submission of your project.
7What type of payment options does Torrent offer?
Torrent offers a variety of payment options including the establishment of an account with us or payment by any major credit card.  For large projects of several different stages or processes, invoicing will occur at the completion of each stage. In cases of phased payments, terms and conditions are discussed with the client prior to the submission of the project to avoid any confusion as the project progresses.
8How will I receive my report?
Report generation is a function of the complexity and scope of the project.  Generally, data is presented in PDF format with a cover page, the analytical data, and scanned copies of any correspondence between the client and Torrent.  For projects requiring an extensive write up of procedures, suppositions and/or conclusions drawn for the analytical findings, a separate narrative report is provided with all appropriate information including but not limited to tables, graphs, chromatograms, etc. All data is delivered via email and hardcopies will be generated only upon client request.
9How can I be certain that proper analytical techniques have been used in the presentation of data?
Torrent uses a wide variety of analytical techniques, including those approved by EPA, NIOSH, ASTM, and OSHA.  Where established methodology doesn’t exist, sound physical and chemical principles are used in the development of specialized procedures  and quality control samples are always run to support reported analytical data.  Our chemists are experienced and degreed professionals with a minimum of a BS in Chemistry or a related discipline and have years of experience in method development and analytical procedures. Our department managers hold advanced degrees in areas such as Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering.  Torrent employs Best Available Technology throughout the laboratory and adheres to rigorous quality assurance protocols.