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Pesticide Detection

About Pesticide Testing

Pesticides are used to keep crops and other vegetation free of pests. However, many pesticides can pose environmental and health problems when they enter into the environment. Pesticide testing methods are used to test pesticide levels in water, soil, and food. A wide variety of both fresh and processed foods can be tested for pesticides, in addition to beverages, drugs, tobacco, and more. Testing can be carried out for various herbicides and pesticides, including organochlorine and organophosphorus substances. Specific pesticides can be tested for, as well as certain compounds. Fast turnaround times are possible with pesticide residue testing to provide quick results.

Why Is Pesticide Testing Important?

Testing for pesticides is important to improve health in a variety of environments. Pesticides can occur in food, soil, water, and other materials and substances. They can have hazardous effects on human health and pollute the environment. Pesticide exposure could lead to many adverse health effects, with different toxicities causing various problems. Some herbicides might cause headaches or digestive issues. Insecticides could cause issues with the nervous system, skin irritation and upper respiratory tract irritation, and dizziness. Fungicides, like herbicides, are less toxic to humans, but could still cause problems such as skin and eye irritation or respiratory irritation.

Testing from a pesticide testing lab is a must to ensure healthy environments, foods, and other materials. Accurate testing provides clear information on the presence of pesticides and any dangers that they can present.

Our Procedure for Pesticide Testing

At our pesticide testing laboratory, our scientists carry out a complete analysis of samples to test for pesticides. Torrent Laboratory offers a simple process that allows clients to collect their own samples of water, soil, and other materials to be processed. We provide the equipment required to collect samples, such as canisters, and can arrange collection or offer drop-off at our office. After the samples have been collected, we can test for different types of pesticides and provide data based on your requirements. All clients receive detailed reports that can be tailored to meet any specifications or particular needs.

Our Capabilities

Although DIY testing kits exist for some needs, they do not provide the accuracy and completeness of tests in a pesticide analysis laboratory. Torrent Laboratory uses EPA approved testing methods and uses technologies that allow us to test a range of pesticides at different levels. We offer fast turnaround times and accurate results to provide clients with relevant data on pesticide residue and analytics. Torrent Laboratory is a leading environmental testing lab that is CA ELAP and DoD ELAP for testing pesticides and other substances. We use a range of methods for sample preparation, testing, and more.

Pesticide Testing in California

Torrent Laboratory services clients in the Bay Area, plus Northern California and Southern California. If you want to know whether we can help you, simply get in touch to ask about whether we can deliver sample equipment to you and how to return it to our lab.