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How to Protect Water Quality with Torrent Laboratory

1. A Brief Overview of Water Quality testing

The EPA has established water quality standards for drinking water, wastewater and irrigation runoff in order to protect human health and life, animal and plant life and the overall health of our lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater resources. One does not have to look far to answer the question, Why is water quality important? Water is life for every living thing on this planet. Therefore if we want to protect the magnificent variety of living organisms and we want to enjoy long healthy lives we need to protect all of our water resources.

A lot of attention is given to protecting our drinking water and we can certainly understand the importance of this precious resource. However, we must also take into consideration the wide range of water resources that serve our needs in agriculture, recreation, sewage removal, washing our clothes, dishes, bodies, etc.

These many reasons make it vital for states, counties, municipalities, and individuals to establish water quality standards that can be tested, identified and remediated when necessary. The legacy of the Industrial Revolution was not kind to our planet and particularly our water resources. It has only been through strict standards, regular water quality testing and penalties for polluters that we have restored most of our lakes and rivers to health. However, there are still many dangers to our water resources. There continue to be chemical, fertilizer, sewage and pollution issues that must be identified through water quality testing and remediation efforts.

2. Effects of water pollution on human health

Perhaps the most common pollutant of the last few decades is nitrate from chemical fertilizers used in agriculture. Nitrate in drinking water is associated with infant health concerns as well as cancer risk. The agricultural use of synthetic fertilizers has risen steadily for the past 75 years, which has led to a predictable increase in nitrate contamination of our drinking water sources.

Well water contamination by human-derived contaminants has also risen through the decades as a result of buried waste sites, chemical dumps, air pollution and other factors that leach through the soil and affect groundwater sources. Part of the problem too is that many of these chemicals are extremely stable compounds that do not break down quickly and therefore remain long enough to still cause problems years and even decades after contaminations take place.

The effects of water pollution on human health due to the presence of these human-made chemicals are varied. Chemical effects vary widely from upset stomach and skin damage to attacking the nerve system or causing cancer, among other things. Another problem is that children are particularly susceptible to these difficult human health issues.

Sewage contamination of drinking water can cause all kinds of intestinal problems from dangerous bacteria, some of which can cause long term health problems and even death. Potential contaminated water diseases include Salmonella, E. coli, Shigella and Giardia.

3. How to Protect Water Quality with Torrent Laboratory?

One of the best ways to lower the risk of the effects of water pollution on human health is to protect our water quality. And in order to do that we must know what is in our water. This is where water quality testing by a reputable environmental testing laboratory will help all of us to better protect our water. Labs are able to identify a wide range of contaminants and inform their clients of any potential dangers that are present.

Drinking water provided by water utilities to most homes is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However there are cases of drinking water contaminations every year throughout the U.S. In fact a study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), found a recent increase in nitrate. This is the most common chemical contaminant in the world’s ground water, including in aquifers used for drinking water. And nitrate is a real human health concern.

Water quality testing laboratories will identify any and all pollutants of concern in your water. By periodically testing your drinking water, you will ensure that your drinking water is safe for you and your family. In addition you can discover whether your own tap or well water is as safe and perhaps as good as bottled water (or even better). This can reduce the use of costly bottled water and the plastic waste it creates.

4. What are the benefits of water testing?

When wondering why water quality is important, we need to look no further than to our own human health and to the health of our planet. By testing our water sources to make sure that they are safe for our health we greatly increase the overall health of ourselves and our families, our pets, livestock, etc. When we are assured that our water is free of bacteria that causes contaminated water diseases and dangerous chemicals that cause long term health issues, we will also lower any anxiety associated with dealing with the risks of bacterial or chemical contamination of our water and the health effects of those pollutants. Even though getting your water periodically tested will be an expense, that cost can be offset if you discover that your drinking water is as good or better quality than bottled water.

5. Conclusion

Torrent Laboratory, Inc., is a state of California certified (CAL ELAP) Laboratory. Torrent Laboratory employs EPA approved test methods and services that meet all quality control analytical and documentation requirements demanded by California regulating authorities.

Torrent has decades of experience and our chemists have a combined 150 years of analytical expertise. We know exactly how to serve you! Our final reports contain an additional attachment that includes the Federal Guidelines so that you can compare your water quality data. And, our relationship doesn’t necessarily end once you receive your data–Torrent is always available if you have additional questions or concerns. Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss your report with you.

Although there are some cheap pre-packaged test kits available for water testing; those tests usually cannot detect in the part per billion and part per trillion range. Additionally, these prepackaged test kits do not meet the standards for comprehensive water quality testing! Municipality-delivered tap water, bottled water, home-filtered water, and well water all have unique characteristics that pre-packaged kits do not always address or check. Torrent understands all of our client’s situations are unique, which is why we spend time with you up-front to find out exactly what you are interested in determining. Pre-packaged kits cannot take into consideration information that we may learn from you during our pre-analysis consultation services. This information may very make all the difference when determining the health impact on your family.