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Heavy Metals Pose Serious Health Hazards when found in our Water and Soil

Heavy metals are valuable to many industries and play a vital role in technological development across the globe. However, these elements and compounds themselves, and many of the by-products created in the process of their mining and their production, are terribly hazardous to the environment, to flora and fauna, and to human health. Whether through the mining of mineral ores, the improper disposal of electronics containing these heavy metals or as a result of improper methods of recycling electronics and other items containing these heavy metals, heavy metal pollution poses a highly toxic environmental hazard when the metals themselves or their chemical byproducts get into our soil, water and air.

Heavy metal pollutants in the water can seep into the groundwater and be carried hundreds of miles from their source. And heavy metal pollutants in the air will also travel far distances before being deposited in soils and water sources. What this means is that even if you do not live near a mine or an electronics recycling facility you could still have a heavy metal problem. If your land or water are in the path of the emission of these toxins, then over time, it is possible for them to build up. Even trace amounts of these toxins could over years and decades be growing to dangerous levels without your knowledge.

This is why we at Torrent Technology offer heavy metal testing for soils and water throughout the state of California and in many other states in the US. Our tests will discover any potentially dangerous levels and get the results back to you quickly, so that you can develop your plans and make educated decisions about your land and water.

How to get started with our Soil Test

We will provide you with all that you need to get samples of your soil to us for fast and accurate testing.  You will collect three to five different soil samples from different areas of your property in the plastic bags (we can provide them if needed) that you put inside a plastic bucket (you provide) for easy collection.  Close the bags, refill the holes, and contact us about shipping your samples, dropping them off or using a courier to get them to our lab.   

Torrent is this region’s premier environmental testing laboratory. We offer a wide variety of soil testing services,  including soil vapor testing, pesticide detection, PAH (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons) detection and metal detection.  Torrent has the most advanced capabilities and the highest certifications in the region. We also offer the industry’s fastest turnaround times and supplies for easy, accurate soil sampling.

To receive our complete rundown of soil testing costs, locations we serve, and how we can provide you with appropriate testing supplies, contact us today. 

How to get started with our Water Test

It is possible to get cheap pre-packaged test kits for water testing; however, these usually cannot detect in the parts per billion and parts per trillion range. In addition, prepackaged test kits do not give you comprehensive water quality testing! Many differences exist between municipality-delivered tap water, well water, home-filtered water, and bottled water. Each of these have unique characteristics that pre-packaged kits cannot necessarily address or check.

We offer you our comprehensive water testing with easy to use and return kits that you can use yourself. If you want to order your water testing kit, please fill out our Water Quality Testing Form, and we will get in touch and begin a conversation regarding the next steps.

Torrent has decades of experience and our chemists have a combined 150 years of analytical expertise. We will serve your needs expertly! When you receive our final report it will contain an additional attachment that includes the Federal Guidelines which will allow you to compare your water quality data. Additionally, our relationship doesn’t necessarily end once you receive your data – if you have additional questions or concerns Torrent is always willing to help. Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss your report with you.