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Heavy Metal Testing

Heaving Metal Testing in Soil and Water

Heavy metals are found in the environment and materials due to industrial pollution, high levels of heavy metals can be detrimental to health. Heavy metal contamination in soil and water can cause health problems and lead to the further contamination of other materials and products. Excess amounts of heavy metals such as copper, magnesium, and zinc can increase the risk of issues such as dementia, cancer, and infertility. Heavy metal testing is used to determine the levels of heavy metals in water, soil, heavy metals in food, and more. Heavy metal exposure is higher than ever, and it’s important to monitor.

Why Test for Heavy Metals in Soil and Water?

Testing for heavy metals in soil and water helps to mitigate the exposure of heavy metals. By detecting heavy metal levels, you may be able to prevent the health consequences of over-exposure. Heavy metals testing can detect metals that are harmful in both small and large amounts, such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. These chemicals could lead to a range of health problems, increasing the risk of a number of diseases and damaging vital organs, such as the kidneys, liver, and brain. Tests for heavy metals in water and soil determine whether there could be dangerous levels of heavy metals present.

Torrent Lab’s Testing Capabilities

Torrent Laboratory uses ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) to detect heavy metals in soil and water. The method can be used to detect low levels of metals in groundwater and drinking water. It can also be used to detect metals in a water or soil matrix. The lab has accreditation for this type of testing, among others. Using the ICP-MS method, we can detect a range of metals. These include lead, mercury, arsenic, and various other heavy metals that can contaminate the environment.

Our Procedure for Heavy Metals Testing

Our heavy metal testing methods and procedure make it simple to test your environment for the presence of heavy metals. We can provide the equipment that you need to collect samples and guide you through the process to ensure you get a good sample. You can then return your samples by dropping them off or using a shipping service to send them to our lab. We carry out our heavy metal lab test on the samples provided and report on our findings, providing useful data. We send reports by email as PDF documents, including test results and our methodologies. Our reports can be tailored to any special requirements to ensure they provide the information that you need.

Areas Served By Torrent Lab

Torrent Laboratory services the Bay Area, in addition to Northern California and Southern California. Our office is located in Milpitas, CA, for anyone who wants to drop off their samples, although it’s also possible to request a sample pickup. Whether you are local or from further afield, we can help.

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