What sampling equipment does Torrent supply?


For sampling of volatile compounds, Torrent supplies 6L Suma canisters, sampling manifolds with particulate filter (equipped with dual ports for use when employing purge canisters), flow controllers preset for desired sampling time (1, 3, 8, 12 or 24 hours), and initial/final vacuum gauges to ensure enough sample is collected for accurate analysis.

For collecting ambient air samples, we supply a U-shaped regulator along with a canister and attached vacuum gauge.

1-liter Tedlar bags are available upon request, but are subject to a fee.

For air sampling requiring sorbent tubes or filters, pump devices or special tubing, Torrent can arrange for the materials to be shipped directly to you. We can also connect you to our preferred supplier so you can make specific arrangements. Contact our Project Management Team (how?) for assistance.

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