What is the difference between TO14A and TO15?


TO14A is a GC method with specific sampling protocols. While it is very effective for some compounds, others of current concern, including Naphthalene and TBA, are not recovered well or at the necessary detection limits. TO-15 identifies compounds by GC/MS, allowing for an extensive list of compounds including those analyzed by TO-14A. Utilizing SIM or SIS modes, TO-15 can detect compounds in the pptv range while TO-14A is limited to ppmV and high ppbV ranges. TO-15 sets performance criteria supporting alternative but equivalent sampling equipment not allowed by TO-14A. TO-15 also includes enhanced analytical protocols yielding a higher percentage of qualified data. Overall, the TO-15 GC/MS approach provides more scientifically defensible data, a wider compound list, and lower detection limits.

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