What is a case narrative?


Torrent includes a case narrative with final reported data whenever there are any issues regarding sample receipt, preparation, analysis, and/or reporting that are outside of the normal policies and procedures of Torrent Laboratory. Items included in the case narrative can be as benign as a client request to amend sample IDs, or deviations to methods due to limited sample mass or volume. A case narrative may also describe more serious issues regarding Matrix Spike recoveries or explanations of why data is reported despite failing QC. Within the case narrative, we may present information regarding specific samples, such as matrix interference problems, instances where the sample required special preparation procedures, and/or information regarding requests made by the client as to how the sample should be treated.

Torrent also uses the case narrative to indicate whether any analyses required sub-contracting to another certified laboratory. Finally, if we revise or re-issue a report for any reason, the case narrative describes the incident leading to this action and notes the date of a report’s revision or re-issue.

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