Does Torrent report data that is out of control limits?


Torrent makes every effort to report only qualified data to the client. Occasionally, there will be QC failures that can not be corrected prior to the release of data. An example of this would be a MB or LCS failure for an extractable analysis that requires a minimum volume of sample. Normal corrective action requires the re-extraction and re-analysis of all samples associated with the failing QC. However, sometimes the client is not able to collect the extra volume of sample originally requested due to low flow wells or high level of sediment, and there is no possibility of performing the re-extraction. In such cases, the data is reported and a case narrative is included with the report describing the nature of the QC failure and why corrective action was not possible.

A second circumstance where data is reported despite QC failure is when the QC limits are exceeded on the high side of the acceptable range but the samples are Non Detect (ND) for any associated compounds. Both situations are rare but do occur.

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