Torrent Lab’s Project Management Team offers decades of experience and advanced education to support your project, optimize processes, and troubleshoot issues such as product failure or unknown substances.

Research Projects

Our Project Management Team is comprised of degreed scientists who can not only provide expertise, but also act as a partner in problem solving. Torrent can provide in-depth technical consultations, basic analytical information, and refine a project’s scope and number of process variables. If your project pushes the envelope of what’s currently available, our team can develop new methods for sampling and analysis—and often meet urgent requests for time-sensitive projects.

Process and Substrate Analysis

Torrent’s Project Management Team is a valuable resource for businesses and research entities. Our experienced staff can help you investigate and optimize processes, provide substrate analysis, and ultimately speed development and reduce production or research costs.

Failure Analysis

Our team can help you find answers to what’s going wrong. Our team can develop analytical parameters to guide an investigation and identify the source for your product failure.

Unknown Substance Characterization

Our team can help identify an unknown substance and, through focused inquiry, identify how and why a substance formed.