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Certified by California for PFAS in drinking water and more


Torrent Laboratory was already renowned for Department of Defense certification for PFAAs. Now we’ve been certified by the state of California for PFAA testing of drinking water, waste water, and hazardous waste (aqueous and solid, including soil).

Exposure to PFAAs, most notably PFOA and PFOS, has been shown to cause cancer, physical development delays, endocrine disruption, immune impairment, fetal growth reduction, and neonatal mortality in animal studies. With dual-certified PFAA testing for the full list of PFAA compounds, Torrent Laboratory offers accurate assessment of PFAAs in your environment.

Helping bring a COVID-19 support product to market.

As the world rushes to mitigate the global coronavirus pandemic, Torrent Lab was chosen to provide safety testing for a product that showed promise in the prevention of COVID-19 infections. We conceptualized the design of an experiment to determine the product’s safety. Because of the urgency in developing infection prevention for COVID-19, Torrent Lab completed the entire project, from experiment conception to product testing, and delivered the product evaluation in a record three-day time-frame.

The client received crucial information. Pending FDA approval, this vital product in the battle against COVID-19 will be on the market—hopefully soon.

There’s only one company like yours. And only one company like ours to help with special projects.

At Torrent Laboratory, we’re more than the region’s premier lab for environmental testing and analysis. We’re also the go-to lab for your company’s special projects. 

Torrent goes beyond the “cookbook chemistry” of other labs to offer custom research tailored to your specific needs. We offer unmatched support with exceptional expertise in: 

  • Troubleshooting
  • Scope-refinement
  • Monitoring
  • Investigation
  • Remediation
  • Redevelopment
  • Environmental testing
  • Concept to market support

Service in more than name alone.

Our commitment to service shows in all that we do. In addition to delivering trusted results, our innovative, progressive laboratory offers a host of services, including:  

  • One-on-one technical support when you need it most
  • Expert perspective on your project plan
  • Flexibility to accommodate your needs
  • Time! Torrent gives you extra time, which you’ll experience when you work with us

Learn more about project-specific supplies and media availability.