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Air Quality Testing is Easier with Torrent Laboratory: Know the Approach

Introduction to home air quality test

Most of us are spending more time inside our homes these days. It seems incredible, but home air quality problems can actually be worse than outdoor air pollution. Below you will see some of the main symptoms of air pollution in your home.

If you or someone in your home are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you have a home air quality test done to identify any problems and give you greater home air quality control, better health and peace of mind.

How to measure the air quality in your home?

When identifying indoor pollutants it is important to consider that one one test will be capable of identifying all potentially harmful pollutants.  Therefore it is helpful to identify first which kinds of pollutants you suspect are causing your symptoms.  The EPA lists three different kinds of indoor pollutants:


  1. Biological pollutants: which include bacteria, pollen, mold, dander and dust mites.  Having an idea of which of these you want to test for and where they might be found in highest concentration can help with the testing process.  Test kits are available to take air samples as well as dust samples.  
  2. Chemical pollutants: such as volatile organic compounds (i.e. formaldehyde) or other chemicals such as radon or lead.
  3. Pollutants resulting from combustion: carbon monoxide and tobacco smoke.  The sources of carbon monoxide in your home could be gas or wood fireplaces, unvented space heaters (gas or kerosene) or gas stoves.  Second hand smoke from cigarettes and other tobacco like products contain more than 40 carcinogenic chemicals and are known to lower the respiratory health of children in households with smokers. 


Identifying which kind of pollutant is causing your home air quality problems will help keep the costs of your home air quality test manageable.   

Tips for the homeowner:

Clear the air and find your way to better health with Torrent Laboratory
Torrent Laboratory offers a full range of home air quality testing services for you to choose from. And we are leaders in the field so you can be assured that we will find any problems and provide you with expert advice on the best solutions as far as home air quality monitor options. We will also work with you to evaluate other steps that will provide you with long term quality results to your home’s overall air quality and help you implement those steps.

Control Moisture
One simple way of helping with a number of home air quality problems is to install and use dehumidifiers in your home to control moisture that can allow mold and mildew to grow, create a more inviting environment for dust mites and create problems for your home. Torrent Laboratory can help you by recommending high quality products and proper placement in your home for optimal benefit.

Why choose Torrent Laboratory for your home air quality test?
Torrent Laboratories ambient air quality tests use the most advanced technologies and testing methods such as, NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM and EPA Air Compendium Methods (TO,CO, IO), to provide superior results for our clients.

Our highly qualified and experienced scientists use the most up-to-date methods to identify particulates, volatile and semivolatile organic compounds, metals, pesticides or dioxins in your environment and provide swift analytical results.

Torrent Laboratories experts will assist you in ensuring that your ambient air quality meets or exceeds all necessary standards. We will also tailor our services and reports to meet your specific needs.


There are also some simple and low cost solutions for home air quality problems that are recommended by the EPA for you to consider.  

  • Take control of your pollution sources.  
  • Remove problem chemicals, mold or pollen from your home. 
  • Ventilate your home with fresh air frequently.
  • Change the filters for your central heating and air conditioning regularly.
  • Keep the humidity in your home at between 30-50%.

Steps like these will improve your family health when you’re at home.  While further steps like a home air quality monitor system, though more costly, can greatly reduce any indoor air quality problems and offer you greater health and peace of mind.