Drinking and Storm Water Quality Test Kit

Importance of Water Quality Testing

Home Water Quality Testing

Does your drinking water have an odd odor or taste to it? Are you prone to illness or digestive issues without any evident cause? Don't take the quality of your drinking water for granted. Ensure your family's health and safety by having your water tested by a certified lab.

Storm Water Quality Testing

Did you know that businesses must test their storm water four times per year? We are a CAL ELAP certified lab that employs EPA-approved testing procedures that meet all quality control analytical and documentation requirements demanded by California regulating authorities.

Why Test with Torrent?

With our 25 years of work experience and over 150 years of analytical expertise, we know exactly how to serve you! We realize there are cheap 'pre-packaged test kits' available for water testing. However, they usually cannot detect in the part-per-billion or part-per-trillion range; they are unable to perform comprehensive testing; and they are unable to assess the unique characteristics water has from different sources, such as taps, bottles, filters, wells, and storm runoff. Torrent believes all our client’s situations are unique, which is why we spend time with you up-front to find out exactly what you are interested in determining. To order your water testing kit, simply fill out the Water Quality Test Questionnaire, and we'll be in touch regarding next steps.
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