Unknown Substance Indentification

Because the Torrent project management team is comprised of degreed scientists, their involvement with clients is not limited to logistics and report delivery but also includes becoming a partner in problem solving. In one project, a mystery substance was submitted to Torrent for identification and for a determination of how and why the substance was formed. The client was only able to give the Torrent project manager information as to the location of the material. Through a focused inquiry, the project manager ascertained critical facts that led to a hypothesis for both the identity of the material and the reasons behind its formation. The hypothesis was then tested and confirmed.

How it helped our client:

Our client was able to solve a customer’s immediate problem and offer an effective long-range solution to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Torrent successfully narrowed the scope and lowered the number of process variables the client had to monitor, which enabled its staff to speed development and reduce production costs. Torrent has been retained to assist the client with additional process optimization on an on-going basis.