Supplies & Media
Torrent provides technical assistance in selecting right media for your project. Torrent's technical team consist of scientist who are "hands on" with actual analytical methods and peripherals.

Air Testing Media
If you are doing soil vapor and using canisters, Torrent provides 6L and 1L canisters. If you are doing SIM (Low level analysis), we recommend 6L canisters so that we can offer you lowest possible reporting limits. However, we would be more than happy to provide SIM analysis with 1L canister as well.

Tedlar Bags
If you are planning to use Tedlar bags for convenience or because your project requires its use, Torrent can provide you Tedlar bags. If you are doing sampling for Sulfur compounds, Torrent recommends the use of either regular Teflon based bags or inert foil based bags.

TO-17 Thermal Desorption Tubes
Torrent uses proprietary and common TO-17 thermal desorption tubes to suit your project specific requirements. In addition, Torrent can custom "pack" the tubes to address your project specific situation. Torrent can also provide "self certified" and "batch certified" thermal desorption tubes.

Sorbent Tubes
Torrent inventories a large variety of sorbent tubes for example, XAD-2 tubes, Inorganic acid sorbent tubes, Cyanide capture sorbent tubes, media for metal capturing, for Hexavalent Chromium etc.

Encore and Terra core Sampling Media
For soil sampling for VOCs, Torrent keeps Encore and Terra core kits in stock.

Pump Rental
Torrent can provide "high volume" or "low volume" certified rate pumps for rental to suit your project. Please contact Torrent's project management team for the further assistance.