Laboratory Capabilities

Water Testing, Soil Testing, Hazardous Waste Testing, Stormwater Testing & More

Serving Northern California, Southern California & the Bay Area

Torrent is a California State Certified full-service environmental testing lab and research laboratory offering significant advantages beyond the ‘cookbook chemistry’ of traditional labs. We provide custom research tailored to your company’s specific environmental scenario and goals, whether you require monitoring, investigation, remediation, redevelopment or the full range of services. We operate as a drinking water testing lab, soil testinglab, microbiology testing lab, stormwater testing lab, organic compound testing lab, and more.
The Full Service, One Stop Solution:

Torrent Laboratory offers all-encompassing breadth and depth of certification such as CA ELAP, DoD ELAP and NELAC. Offering testing services in all three matrices: Air, Water, and Soil. In all three discipline of testing – Inorganic, Volatile and Semi-Organics, Microbiology.

Some of our niche and sought-after services are:

Please review the scope of our service offering by reviewing our CA ELAP, DoD ELAP and NELAC field of testing on the Home page.