Key Projects

Environmental Project Experience – Multi Incremental Sample Preparation:

Torrent has been offering multi-incremental sub-sampling (MIS) to ITIC and Hawaii HEER standards since 2008.  One such project involved 1600 samples for pesticide analysis received over a 6 week period on a standard 5 day TAT (including drying and particle reduction).  Bringing Torrent's MIS experience and project management skills to bear, Torrent Laboratory performed beyond the client's expectations not only delivering all data on time but providing multiple dilutions where necessary which allowed the client time to thoroughly review the data and request additional analysis within the pesticide 14 day holding time.

Environmental Project Experience – Soil Vapor and Ambient Air Monitoring:

Although the State of California does not require testing laboratories to hold any type of air testing certification, Torrent decided to take the extra step of obtaining NELAC certification for air analysis over a broad spectrum of parameters. This provides a greater level of confidence in the data we provide since it must meet the high level of scrutiny required by NELAC. Moreover, Torrent Laboratory also obtained DoD ELAP certification for soil vapor and ambient air monitoring. Laboratories without this certifications do not have to demonstrate their expertise in air analyses while Torrent must, on a bi-annual basis, in order to remain nationally certified. Because of this and the fact that we clean and build all of the collection equipment in house, Torrent is able to support our clients, in concert with the DTSC, in achieving collection and analysis of soil vapor and ambient air samples to the strict ESL Tier1 limits. Additionally, since all equipment is under Torrent control, special requests from the DTSC for different flow rates or manifold configurations can be easily provided in as little as one day, further assisting our clients in achieving their goals.

Environmental Project Experience – Delivering Consistent Data for Ground Water Monitoring:

A decades long ground water monitoring project required the ability to provide consistent dependable data for hundreds of samples requiring hold time dependent and highly sensitive analyses including nitrates, perchlorate and explosive compounds such as TNT, RDX and nitroglycerine. Confirmation of positive results was critical to the client as well as on time delivery. While the engineering firms managing this site have changed over the years, Torrent has remained the laboratory of choice for continued monitoring and performance. Confirmation data as well as observational comments regarding weather events that impact data were invaluable to the data user demonstrating Torrent’s engagement in project objectives beyond simple delivery of analytical data.

Environmental Project Experience – Torrent Laboratory, A Go to Lab for Rush TAT Projects:

Providing quick TAT for sample analysis that traditionally had long preparation and analytical processing times was provided for a client requiring rapid response. The industry standard for Dioxin/Furan analysis is 15 – 21 days. A six-month project that included weekly delivery of full list Dioxin/Furan waters was processed in as little as three days and no longer than ten days for each delivery group. The use of advanced extraction techniques allowed Torrent to provide the client with all of their requested analysis within a reasonable time frame rather than having them wait for straggling data. This allowed the client to meet all their deadlines with time to spare, something they had not had the luxury of prior to using Torrent as their go-to laboratory.

Non Environmental Project Experience – Concept to Market Support:

Non-environmental work included a "soup to nuts" partnership with a client developing a consumer product that needed to meet ANSI/NSF drinking water standards. Assistance in raw materials testing, setting of process parameters and developing strategies to meet challenge goals were required for ultimate success.  Working closely with the client over a two year period, Torrent's special project team provided this design support as well as the necessary analytical data that led to approval from consumer regulating authorities.  The final product is now available through on-line storefronts as well as traditional retail establishments. The client also forged partnerships overseas and launched the product in multi-continent markets.