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Ambient Air

The Importance of Ambient Air Testing

Ambient air should be tested to determine the presence of various chemicals and substances that may be damaging to human health. Ambient air testing can detect volatile and semivolatile organic compounds, metals, dioxins, pesticides, and particulates. The health effect that these substances can have is broad, and they could cause health problems of various kinds. These chemicals can enter the air in a number of ways and could be continuously released from soil or other environmental features. Air quality can be maintained through regular testing and addressing any problems with unwanted particulates.

New methods of ambient air quality testing are evolving all the time. Torrent Laboratory makes sure to keep up with the latest technologies and testing methods to provide the best results to clients.

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Our Testing Capabilities

Torrent Laboratory uses a variety of testing methods to measure air quality. Our advanced testing methods include NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM, and EPA Air Compendium Methods (TO, CO, IO). We are certified by a number of agencies to carry out these tests, including the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (CA ELAP) and the Department of Defense Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (DoD ELAP). We have testing methods that are suited to analyzing many pollutants and contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, dioxins and furans, and metals. Our lab continually works on improving and advancing our testing methods. In addition to top technology, our scientists and researchers are highly experienced and qualified.

Why Choose Torrent Laboratory?

Torrent Laboratory is the leading environmental testing lab. Our gold-standard certifications and extremely fast turnaround times are just two of the reasons we are preferred by our clients. We offer excellent customer support and technical support, as well as unbeatable quality. When you need assistance with ambient air testing parameters, our competitive pricing and up-to-date methods will deliver to your requirements. Whether you need help with stack emission testing or waste incineration environments, Torrent Laboratory will assist with ensuring your ambient air quality meets the necessary standards. We can tailor our services and reports to meet your needs. Our full-service lab provides all of the services that you need to carry out regular ambient air testing.

Our Procedure

The procedure for ambient air testing begins with sample collection. The lab provides the equipment that you need to collect samples, free of charge, making it easy to send us air samples. We send sampling canisters and regulators, with canisters attached to a vacuum gauge. Tedlar bags are also available on request for a fee. When the lab receives the samples, testing will be carried out to your choice of methods and standards. Clients receive a report with their data and information about quality control, the chain of custody, and other relevant information. Any special requirements that the client has will also be taken into account and can be used to create a tailored report.

Contact us at Torrent Laboratory for more information about our ambient air testing capabilities and how we can help.