Japanese Student Project:

City College of San Francisco coordinates the exchange students program where exchange students tour various scientific facilities within SF Bay Area. City College of San Francisco has selected Torrent Laboratory for the past three years to bring their students. Torrent Laboratory happily provides in-depth educational tour to these knowledge seeking students. It is refreshing to see the big smiles on their faces at the end of each tour.

“Torrent Laboratory provided students from Tokyo College an incredible tour of their facility. The Japanese students learned and were able to see testing done. Students were able to ask questions during the Q/A which allowed an exchange of communication between Japanese and American testing protocols”.

Pueblo Play Park in San Jose 2014

“Thank you so much for performing the tests at no cost. We really appreciate it since this is a neighborhood project and there are no funds available. The lead on this project has a fundraiser planned to raise other money for the playground so hopefully we will raise what is needed."

Follow up:

"Everything went really well with the project and your help was appreciated. I went back over my emails and found the invoice you sent us with $0 due from a cost of over $200. It's so nice that you help with projects like this since there are no funds to pull from except our personal pockets. I drive by the playground nearly everyday and I'm so happy when I see families using it. You can share in the joy with me."

Gateway Community Church 2015:

"Our deepest gratitude and thanks towards Torrent Laboratories. Your generous donation helps us to create a new outdoor space for the community to play and gather. Further propelling efforts towards our goal of creating a play ground and park for our community!"

Aspire Charter School 2015

"Thank you again for your time and for helping to coordinate Torrent Laboratory’s generous donation of soil testing for the installation of our new playground”

Student Project 2015:

"Thank you very much for sending the analysis report of the samples. I really appreciate your help. As I had mentioned, my daughter came up with this idea and was really in a bind as she was not sure how she would get this analyzed. Your support has made her day and she says a big 'Thank You' to you and Torrent Laboratory staff. She hopes to complete her project soon now. Again, thank you for your support!"


Food Bank Holiday food drive: November 2012 to December 2012 Torrent Laboratory conducted a holiday food drive for Second Harvest food bank, which serves families located in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Employees donated money to Second Harvest Food Bank, and Torrent Laboratory matched the donations.
Local School Science Fair Projects
Torrent Laboratory worked with a local student at Magnolia Science Academy on a science fair project exploring the use of ground sesame powder leaves to remove heavy metal contamination in drinking water, particularly in regards to third-world countries. This student was awarded a silver medal from the 21st International Environmental Project Olympiad, which is one of the highest honors awarded for student science fair projects. Torrent Laboratory worked with another local student on a science fair project evaluating the efficacy of stain-removing laundry sticks on a variety of stains on an assortment of different fabrics. This student was awarded second-place in the school-wide science fair.


Habitat For Humanity
Torrent Laboratory volunteered its analytical services of air, soil & water testing, for the development of the low income housing project in San Jose, CA area. Torrent provided free analytical services for the two development projects and offered “at cost” services for a third project.
Children’s Hospital (Oakland) and Milpitas Unified School District
Torrent sponsored a walkathon benefiting nationally recognized Children’s hospital of Oakland and Milpitas Unified School district.
Los Gatos High School
Torrent Laboratory is helping the students of Los Gatos High School understand, learn and measure the air pollution resulting from single driver car usage! Students are performing these studies to measure the air pollution on the different days and times to learn the eco-impact of the “earth unfriendly” behavior of the humans!
Low Income, Under – Privileged School Children
Torrent has proved its commitment to help a school that consists of predominantly low income, underprivileged students by helping the students in science projects that involve determining the ecological impact of some of the “recycling” activities near their school.


Torrent Laboratory has consistently sponsored Walkathons for the past 10 years that help provide much needed funds for a variety of noble causes including:
  • American Cancer Society
  • Milpitas School District
  • American Heart Association
  • Milpitas Police Department
  • BAPS Charities (International Non Profit Organization whose mission is to provide disaster relief at the global level)

Various Middle and High School Projects
Torrent has made a commitment to provide students laboratory access so that they can see science in action. Torrent encourages these “young scientists” to come up with meaningful science projects to help themselves learn about biology and life sciences and their applications in the “real” world. Torrent is committed to fostering an understanding with these young people regarding how science can positively impact their own communities. A list of projects with which Torrent Laboratory has assisted individuals and groups of middle and high school students are:
  • International project involving drinking water contamination in developing country
  • Hazardous elements in lipsticks
  • Hazardous elements in perfumes
  • Air quality around dense industrial areas
  • Lead content of soil near school yards
  • Impact of different carpet cleaners
Torrent Laboratory provides laboratory analysis services to community organizations throughout California, where environmental sustainability is a priority. We work with some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most innovative companies and non-profit organizations focused on environmental issues today.
Guadalupe River Project
Torrent provided its expertise and laboratory analysis services to the Guadalupe River Project, a joint development of the San Jose Redevelopment Agency with the US Army Corps of Engineers and Santa Clara Valley Water District. The $350 million project, completed in 2005, was aimed at protecting Downtown San Jose from future floods and providing an educational and recreational gathering place for the community. Before the project, Guadalupe River Park was nearly inaccessible and surrounded by blighted neighborhoods as well as aging industrial developments with contaminated soils. Today, the park boasts over 130 developed acres, including hiking and biking trails, open space, a water play area and picnic areas. Torrent provided services at a special non-profit rate. We are committed to ongoing support for Guadalupe River Park & Gardens in order to help educate the public about environmental issues.
Helping Young Scientists
Torrent is a champion of quality education for today’s youth. Particularly in the area of science, Torrent has extended opportunities to local area high schools by inviting students for ‘intern projects’ at company headquarters and in the field. Guided by our professional staff, they learn fundamental principles of laboratory analysis as they perform hands-on projects including sampling, testing and analysis. At a recent high school Science Fair, a team of our young scientists created a ‘Carpet Cleaner Lab’ and won 1st place among 50 entries from ten Bay Area high schools.