Who We Are

Torrent Laboratory

Environmental Testing Lab for Northern California, Southern California & the Bay Area

Torrent Labs provides comprehensive environmental lab testing and custom analytical testing services. We’re serious about expedient results and impeccable quality, and we have the capabilities and certifications to support a broad range of projects. Companies in Northern California, Southern California, across the United States and around the world trust us with their time-sensitive and quality-sensitive organic compound testing projects.

It's no surprise we're the top choice for an environmental testing lab: After all, an exceptional customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. For more than 25 years, our lean-thinking, Six Sigma lab has become the industry go-to for rush turnaround projects, as well as customer satisfaction. 

Beyond our professional commitment to you, we also have a rich history of supporting local Bay Area community projects and mentoring with young students. Browse our website to learn more about our testing capabilities, or get in touch with our team directly with any questions you may have. 

Here’s what we believe in:

  • Evolve and Improve  -- Change is a natural and a universal phenomenon
  • Excellence -- We figure there are people who’ll appreciate it; but we strive for excellence regardless
  • Equality -- We embrace all our employees, clients, and suppliers as partners, and believe deeply that our progress goes hand-in-hand.

And here’s how we work:

  • On-time performance with robust data quality
  • Making things happen for our clients, even if it’s never been done before
  • Deliver results, consistently and reliably, and be an extension of our clients’ teams